The duo Kolmas ilmestys! (“The Third Apparition!”) performs “Grotesque Post-Industrial Carnival Music”. Their eponymous debut, to be released in 2013, is a theme album: its 12 tracks tell 12 separate stories from a city on the eve of Apocalypse, of its inhabitants and their reactions in the wake of an imminent and inevitable destruction. Some are preaching about God, some are committing atrocities; some seek solace in the red lights district while others are simply observing the situation from afar, without hope. Common to them all is the setting, a desolate landscape smudged by the ash rain.

The seeds of Kolmas ilmestys! were sown one cold October evening in 2011 when the friends Toni Kandelin and Niklas Nybom were returning home from a The Legendary Pink Dots show in Helsinki. Kandelin was talking about the plans for his next solo album, and as the result of their conversation it was decided that Nybom would produce the said album. The pair had already worked together on a few theatre productions, and the album's opening track Edgarin laulu (Edgar's Song) was in fact originally composed by Nybom for a stage adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, directed by Kandelin.

The work on Kolmas ilmestys! was commenced in July 2012 when the musicians spent two busy weekends in the Finnish countryside, at Nybom's family summer house in Mellilä. By the mixing stage in the autumn 2012 it had become apparent that the tracks that were originally meant to comprise Toni Kandelin's third solo album had really gone their own way, and because Kandelin and Nybom were already discussing about making another record, it felt appropriate to release the album under a new moniker instead. The core of the music lies in the strong and emotive soundscapes and atmospheres, which are taken to whole new level in the duo's performance-like live shows, which have already gotten a very positive and excited reception.


Vocals, keyboards, pump organ, lyrics, composition

Toni Kandelin, responsible for the album's lyrics and concepts, has worked extensively with many different art forms. In addition to his lengthy performance repertoire, he has sung in the men's choir Huutajat and in the noise rock band Kulokoi. He graduated from Turku Arts Academy in the spring 2012 and is now working as a freelance actor and director, and is the leader of the touring sideshow group Herr Emil's Shock Circus. Toni Kandelin has released two full-length albums and two EPs under his own name.


Keyboards, bass, percussion, programming, composition

Kolmas ilmestys!'s other half, the album's producer Niklas Nybom is a theatre music composer, sound designer and musician. Nybom, who is finishing his musicology studies at Åbo Akademi University, has played in a number of other bands as well; most notably in the synth-pop quartet Kirahvi nimeltä Tuike and in the electro industrial outfit Apples of Idun.

Groteskia post-industrialistista karnevaali­musiikkia
Grotesque Post-Industrial Carnival Music